These Are the Fanny Pack Shoes You’ve Been Waiting for

By: Tiffany Huang

Throw out your Birkenstocks and your Chacos, because this summer, all you will be wearing are Nike slides. No, not the black Nike slides from middle school; I am talking about Nike’s newest release: a fanny pack and slide combo. The iconic rubber strap has been replaced with–you guessed it–a fanny pack, complete with a zipper and a Nike swoosh. Priced at $50 a pair, the shoe even comes in bright colors like green and pink to match your summer aura.

This handy-dandy sandal will solve all your woes and worries this summer. Order coffee but forgot your wallet? The cash packed in your shoe will save you every time. Want to watch a video while in public? With these Nike slides, your headphones will come with you on every excursion. Get attacked by a bear while camping? Hit it with your mace stash (and then be sure to kick those shoes off before you slip while running).

Nike has already released theses shoes, but they are currently sold out. If I were you, I would not wait to buy them once they are back in stock; I have a feeling that these might be this summer’s hottest trend.


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