New Register-Guard Layout Sparks Criticism

By: Nissa Schlossberg

The Register-Guard, Eugene’s local newspaper subscribed to and read by many residents, has adopted a new format and layout. A new publisher took over in early March, breaking the 91-year tradition of the paper being owned and run by the Baker family of Eugene.

Under new ownership, The Register-Guard changed its whole layout, including different spacing, fonts, and information. But with the changes came differing opinions.

In multiple “Letters to the Editor,” subscribers complained about the many different fonts being used and the noticeably smaller print size making for a confusing and hard-to-read paper. Others complained about an excess of empty space, and joked that the Register-Guard would have to provide its readers with magnifying glasses to be able to read the print.

The new format makes the paper considerably more difficult to read, and less informative overall,” Fred Renter, an avid Register-Guard reader, wrote in a May 10 letter.

Renter also said that the new layout has produced “a newspaper that is frustrating to read and increasingly myopic in its editorial approach.”

Readers also noticed multiple times that The Register-Guard has suffered from a lack of proofreading.

A May 13 issue about the Fourth Amendment was published with the headline “Kneecapping the 8th Amendment?” This sparked both confusion and frustration, with questions regarding The Register Guard’s system of editing.

There have also been many complaints about the increase of white space in combination with smaller print size. Readers have expressed disappointment with this new layout producing less news than before.

With concerns about the smaller font size, increase in empty space, and lack of proofreading, many long-term readers of The Register-Guard may decide not to renew their subscriptions when they expire.


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