Winnie the Pooh catches heat in recent events

By: Yulia Nakagome

Over the past few days, Winnie the Pooh has shown a depth of character that I did not think possible. Though he primarily takes on the role of a lovable cartoon character, Pooh apparently has a side job of subverting the Communist Party of China.

According to Fortune, images of Pooh were first blocked in 2013, when pictures comparing his likeness to President Xi started to circulate on the internet. In 2018, he would be blocked again. On Feb. 25, the Communist Party ruled to abolish presidential term limits, a move that could very well see Chinese President Xi Jinping in power indefinitely. Following the announcement, Chinese internet censors started to work their magic. By the end of the day, the censors had banned anything that hinted at dissent, from the letter ‘N’ to everyone’s favorite honey-loving bear.

This attack came less than a week after the character was also barred from appearing at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea. Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu considers Winnie the Pooh to be somewhat of his “personal mascot,” according to The New York Times. Unfortunately, the two-time Olympic gold medalist, was not allowed to bring his trademark Pooh tissue case with him to the competition because of its resemblance to the Pyeongchang Olympic mascot, an animated white tiger called Soohorang. Strike two for Pooh!


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