The Most Exclusive Website on the Internet

By: Hunter Calvert

If you’re reading this, you’re an extraordinarily special person. But are you itching to feel even more special? Exotic perhaps? The has all you need and more.

There are more than seven billion people on the planet, but only one person at any given time can be in this website. To be in means to view the website’s full potential, to be in the spotlight, at the center of all focus, and exclusive. Everyone viewing the website can see and admire the lucky one who got in.

In order to get in, you need to grab a virtual ticket and step in line. Every 60 seconds, the next one in line steps up after a long wait and finally gets in.

The best part is, it’s all completely free. You can be the star of the most exclusive website in the world without spending a single penny!

Over the website’s long history, a total of 73.4 years have been spent waiting just to get in. And 1,763,804 tickets have been pulled in contention for the exclusive throne.

Will you be the next?


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