South For Smiles

By: Jimmy Wang

South for Smiles is a new club that is gaining members quickly. It started around the end of the first trimester and has an ambitious goal to help those in need, especially children.

“We work with kids to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network,” junior Jeff Gombart, one of the students who started this club, said.

Currently, South for Smiles is working on a project to raise money by selling stickers. This project will be starting soon and will last for about one month. The stickers have also not been completely decided on, but they are thinking of doing a color pattern with the South for Smiles logo on top.

The Children’s Miracle Network is an organization that increases the funds and awareness for Peacehealth Sacred Heart Medical Center. Every day, the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals treats 16,000 kids in ER, 935 kids with diabetes, 2,218 kids with cancer, 2329 kids for surgeries, 925 babies with NICU.

In addition to working with the Children’s Miracle Network, the club is also working with the Axe Pageant participants. Currently, they are making fliers for the different fundraisers that the Axe Pageant is doing. An example of this is the Prince Puckler’s ice cream serving fundraiser. South for Smiles is also working on fliers for the glow dance and posting them around the halls and in the cafeteria.

If you are interested in joining South for Smiles, you need to fill out an application and pay a club fee of $10. They meet in Room 29 every Monday at lunch.


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