Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do to Help the Environment

By: Jimmy Wang

Climate change is a growing problem, but helping the environment is much simpler than you think. Everyone can participate, and everyone can make a difference. Here are three small things that you can do to help:

First, turn off your sinks while you are not using them! It might seem like a small thing, but according to the EPA, a trillion gallons of water are wasted a year.

Second, recycling is extremely important, as waste can destroy ecosystems and has a harsh negative impact on our environment.

Finally, composting is also the way to go. It reduces the amount of trash that comes from your household, and it makes great fertilizer.

These three things will start to make a difference, but here are some things you can do to help even more.

“You can reduce your carbon footprint by using less fossil fuel by driving less, flying less, and buying local products,” South’s chemistry teacher, Scott Zarnegar, said, “Also, people can vote for politicians who will change state and federal energy policies. Climate change is the biggest problem facing humanity today.”

There are people at South who are already active in protecting the environment, and there are ways you can support them. There is the Environmental Society, a club at South you can join.

Making a difference is possible, as people in the past from South have: Kelsey Juliana, a student who went to and graduated from South, is currently suing the federal government over climate change. From the simple to the involved, there are many ways for you to take up the fight.

Environmental issues are getting worse and worse, and the time to act is now. Anyone can make a difference by flicking a switch or just throwing waste into a different bin. We are the generation that will inherit future climate change, and it is our job to do something about this problem.


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