Dear Annie Review

By: Sagarika Sharma

Irish hip-hop artist Rejjie Snow released his second album, Dear Annie, on Feb. 16. The rapper spends the album being possessed by thoughts of a lover that he leaves behind when he moves to Paris. Many songs on the album are utterly romantic, but it takes a dark turn in the second half of the album. The middle few songs provide insight into the depressing obsessions in Snow’s mind, while the last songs on Dear Annie are about strip clubs and bad behavior, providing for a full-circle effect. The vibe of the album intends for you to feel less alone in your endeavor to forget someone important.

Dear Annie has the most diverse range of music that I have ever heard in one album. The songs are scattered across a spectrum of genres, from hip hop to pop. There are also two songs where Rejjie interviews himself and talks about his experience in France as well as his lover from Los Angeles. For the majority of the album, Snow channels the styles of different popular rappers and musicians in the scene today. It is disappointing that he has not quite found his personal brand just yet, but it certainly does not take away from the phenomenal piece of art that he has created. The album also features many unknown, talented artists.

Some of my favorite songs are “Hello,” “Pink Lemonade,” “Oh no!,” “Room 27,” and “Annie.” The song “Egyptian Luvr,” which features Aminé and Dana Williams, is one of the most popular tracks played by Apple Music users. Snow’s Irish heritage may make many skeptical of his work, but Dear Annie is an album worth listening to for its funky vibes and relatable story.


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