Weather Wreaks Havoc on the Winter Olympics

By: Sophia Carrai

The Olympics kicked off on Thursday and were in full swing until precarious weather brought them to a screeching halt. The inside sports, such as ice skating and sports on lower altitudes, were unaffected. However, snowboarding and alpine skiing experienced delays. Alpine skiing was canceled for the second consecutive day, delaying competition, but Olympic officials were accused of purposely endangering the snowboarding athletes because, unlike Alpine skiing, they were forced to compete against their wishes. Snowboarder Tess Coady ruptured her interior cruciate ligament due to the harsh winds before the competition, and only nine out of 25 women had clean runs. Furthermore, according to The Telegraph, not a single competitor managed to avoid crashing on at least one of their runs. Anna Gasser, a pre-competition favorite, said in a interview with The Telegraph that the competition was risky due to the dangerous weather conditions.

“It was a lottery with the wind. I don’t think it was a fair competition,”Gasser said. “So many people got hurt because of the wind. There were a lot athletes who had only bad luck.”

Britain’s Aimee Fuller, in an interview with The Guardian, said that when she jumped, it was like a sailboat under her board.

Alpine skiing was canceled and rescheduled for Thursday, the same day as the men. After a failed attempt, they moved the course farther downhill. Although stronger winds and bitter cold were predicted to continue, the weather was expected to improve with milder conditions heading into the weekend. Officials hoped that from there on out the weather would be milder and avoid causing anymore issues.


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