Best Meme of the Winter Olympics

By: Jaelen Hodges

Scott Moir became an internet hit during the women’s hockey final against the U.S. on Thursday. The Olympic ice dancer, and his partner, Tessa Virtue, won gold on Wednesday in Pyeongchang, becoming the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history. Then, on Thursday, Moir became the pride of Canada for a second time.
The Olympic champion was caught on camera jumping from his seat, beer in hand, raising his arms in disbelief after the Canadian team received its third consecutive penalty in the first period.
“Are you kidding me? Wake up!” is what Moir appears to have shouted at the referees of the match.
The Canadians may have lost the match against the U.S., but being able to watch their graceful gold medal Olympic skater yell at refs and swing his beer around at a hockey match gave many a sense of national pride.


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