Beauty Corner: November Favorites

By: Alyssa Gao

Makeup is one of my favorite things to splurge on, but sometimes there are disappointing products simply not worth the money. However, there are amazing products out there that do not break the bank. At $16.99, my new product, the Nyx Go-To Palette in Wanderlust, will not make anyone feel guilty for overspending.

I am usually pretty lazy with doing my makeup, so the addition of a blush, bronzer, and highlight to the six eyeshadows in the palette is very convenient. Nyx can be hit-and-miss with eyeshadows, but this palette’s eyeshadows are highly pigmented and stay in place without primer. The highlight is golden and subtle, but can be built up to a more intense glow.

Multitasking palettes like this one also take up less space and speed up my morning routine. Time is something many teens do not have, so even saving a little bit helps make me feel more ready for the day. Overall, this palette is definitely a go-to that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in makeup.


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