Student Thoughts for Start of School

By: Julian Fahrion

Last week, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors flooded into South Eugene for the first day of school with excitement, trepidation, and a little anxiety. However, teachers were not spared the stress, either. While students and staff do this every school day, the first morning is always special. Now that the year has started in earnest, that first riot of feelings has, for most, solidified into concrete thoughts about returning to school.

“At first I was upset, but it’s good to be back again, seeing people,” junior Will Bolls said. South makes for an excellent meeting place for friends who could not see each other over the summer. Many students were excited to return – especially for clubs, sports, or socializing.

Others were less than enthused. “I could care less – but I don’t,” junior Logan Levitt said about returning. To some, high school was the standard state of affairs – a fact of life. To them, it was simply part of fulfilling requirements.

Returning students knew most of their peers at South, but freshmen and teachers had to deal with a unique challenge: new faces.

“There’s stress in having to meet a whole bunch of new people,” Bolls said. Teachers may have had 30-40 students per class, some of which were unfamiliar. Freshmen had to get acclimated to each class of different personalities and new acquaintances outside of class.

Overall, the student body was excited for the new school year. A little anxious, a little tired, a little stressed, but excited nonetheless.


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