Winter Senior Athletes Bios

By: Amanda Boechler

Madeleine Hummel

“I like swimming because it’s an individual sport, as well as a team sport. I can rely on my own hard work, while still being part of a team. Everyone is very encouraging, and we all want our fellow teammates to do the best they can, which creates a very positive environment.”

Hummel will be attending Oregon State University

Ben Lonergan

“I think the thing I am going to miss most is the team aspect. High school swimming is unlike club swimming, [and] unlike anything else in the way that you really work as a team. It’s that team aspect and having that team goal that you’re working towards and the support and having everyone surrounding you.”

Lonergan will be attending the University of Oregon.

Cady Pearce

“I love skiing because you get to be outside in the snow and the mountains. The scenery is gorgeous, and it’s a fun and exciting sport. I’m going to miss the team, since we have a lot of fun together. I’ll miss race days a lot. Racing is always fun and exciting. I’ll miss the places we ski; I love the Cascades.”

Pearce will be attending Brown University in Rhode Island.

Isaac Jackson

“Wrestling is a great sport. I love it because it is so tough both mentally and physically. I also love the fact that it is such an individual sport; you don’t have to worry about your teammates doing well, and they don’t have to worry about you. It is just you and your opponent that you have to focus on. I am going to miss my teammates the most.”

Jackson has currently not decided where he will be attending next year.

Katherine Quillin

“I’m going to miss the familial aspect of the team. There is such companionship and camaraderie within our team. I will continue to ski next year in college, so I won’t miss the actual skiing part. But I’ll miss our head coach and his craziness, along with the insanity of the rest of the team.”

Quillin has currently not decided where she will be attending next year.

Ian Bania

“I enjoy Nordic skiing so much because of the competitive racing aspect of it. To me nothing is better than pushing yourself as hard as possible to beat opponents in races. Nordic skiing has the added factor of speed; bombing down a steep hill feels pretty amazing, especially in the middle of a tough race.”

Bania has currently not decided where he will be attending next year.

Hannah Nordstrand

“I like basketball because it is a way that I can let go of all my pent up stress. I feel comfortable on the court with my teammates, and the friendships I’ve made throughout the sport are indescribable. I love the competition that it provides, as well, and it’s a great environment to learn life lessons, such as facing adversity.”

Nordstrand will be attending the University of Oregon.

Eli Lininger

“I love to compete, and I love the bonds it builds between the players on the team. I’m going to miss playing with my best friends and in front of the student body.”

Lininger will be attending Yale in Connecticut.


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